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Quotes from Katie

    You really can't get things done without letting  people know where you stand on things and why you want them to do something. KPW - 1995

    Funding for the arts and humanities is not an expense, it is an investment in people and in communication between people. - KPW 1993

    My greatest achievement? - Personally it is my family. In terms of community, it’s not just one thing - I was part of the origination of the Arts and Humanities Council and the Arts Commission, part of the committee to build the Performing Arts Center, part of the committee that oversaw the addition at Philbrook and overall the growth of the arts in Tulsa.

    How would I like to be remembered? As the first woman to do various things in the city. First on PSO board - one of the first on the TU board.As a person who worked hard, tried to make friends and left a legacy of the importance of art in our daily lives.

    Words of wisdom to pass on? How do you get to Carnegie Hall - work, work, work. All of my life has been work - no passing on the hard stuff. - KPW 1997

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